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You can rely on prestigious furnishings, high technological standards, and all-around professional support in compliance with safety and the environment.

Why choose Creasystem?

  • Worker

    Safety and Prevention

    Your safety is our priority: all Crea System facilities are built in total compliance with the legislation on safety at work (Legislative Decree 81/08).

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  • technologies

    Cutting-edge technologies

    At our Crea System centers you will always find cutting-edge solutions and fast, guaranteed service interventions in the event of breakdown in the data network.

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  • Receptionist

    Flexibility and transparency

    Price lists are public, contracts transparent and no more than 2 pages long. With us you won't find hidden clauses in 40-page packets.

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Security and prevention

  • Furnishings and layout according to the law

    The proposed "layouts" are made in collaboration with a design studio, which constantly verifies their conformity with the requirements of the Law, in terms of construction characteristics, materials, dimensions, distances, proper lighting and ventilation.

    Furnishings are certified and reflect all the characteristics required by the above-mentioned Legislative Decree 81/08 in terms of height, depth and non-reflective surface type.

  • Ergonomic furnishings and fine finishes

    All seats are standardized, equipped with double synchronized movement or adjustable seat and backrest movement.

    All materials are "Made in Italy": drawer units, desks, executive and guest seats, bookcase/archive furniture.

    All rooms have a suitable natural lighting and a LED lighting system with indirect diffusion.

  • Prevention


    In accordance with the law, rooms, corridors, emergency exits and stairwells are designed for the correct evacuation plan.

    The venues are equipped with R.E.I. fire doors (in accordance with the D.M. of 3/11/2004: provisions for the installation and maintenance of door-opening devices installed along the escape routes, with respect to safety in case of fire).

  • Supervision


    To provide you with the best protection, fully automated video surveillance and intrusion alarm systems have been installed in all common areas (entrances, stairwells, meeting rooms).

Cutting-edge technologies

  • Biometric readers

    The system (updated according to regulations and legislation in force) assigns to each user time slots, areas, offices, meeting rooms, etc. 

  • Video surveillance system

    To protect all subscribers of our locations. We monitor everything: from access to the stairwell, to the meeting room. 

  • Intrusion alarm system

    Intrusion alarm systems at both Crea System facilities to protect facility members.

  • All systems in the building

    From lifts to heating and sanitary water systems, they are certified and regularly maintained.

  • Wi-Fi coverage

    Covers the entire Crea System centre with excellent performance.

  • Data network

    Guaranteed assistance interventions in case of failure and state-of-the-art protection system.

  • Updated electrical design

    Makes immediate new connections and utilities (electrical installation in accordance with standards with declaration of conformity).

  • VoIP technology

    Ideal for making and receiving calls via the Internet, without requiring a traditional telephone line.

Flexibility and transparency

We can change the current contract by mutual agreement according to the development of your business. Your interests are ours!

  • Transparent contacts

    No small print clauses in 40-page bundles.

  • Scalable contracts

    We meet your business growth needs.

  • Easy-to-read contracts

    Few pages and clear clauses. No surprises post-signature. 

You can finally avoid...

  • 01
    Dealing with Pecuniary or Penal Sanctions

    If you do not adjust the workplace and the position of employees to safety requirements and ergonomic principles, you expose yourself to the risk of inspections and consequent heavy penalties.

  • 02
    Paying staff for property management

    With an all-inclusive service you avoid using resources for property management, reception, room surveillance and ancillary services (cleaning and facility maintenance).

  • 03
    Having a low stimulating working environment

    Your employees will have access to the business centre's common areas, such as a break and refreshment room, where they can meet people from other workplaces.

Why you can trust us

Reception Creasystem

The long-standing experience of Crea Spa in the real estate sector has enabled Crea System, Furnished Offices and Coworking to be realised with competence and preparation.

All Crea System staff are trained and updated to ensure your attention, availability, confidentiality, and security.

By putting our experience at your disposal, we are confident that you will find an ideal workspace for your business.

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“Our goal was to create a space that the entrepreneur can feel his/her own. A space where he/she can enjoy the refinement of the environment, where the high technological and safety standards allow him/her to devote himself/herself exclusively to the only thing that matters: his/her own business”.
Leonardo Sant’Unione (Head of the coworking and furnished office branch of the company)

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Green energy

Our concrete actions in defence of the environment also become yours.


  • Yes, in the PRODUCTS section. At the following link

  • No, you have to purchase the dedicated service.

  • No, you can bring them yourself or use the facility's backup service.

  • Yes, you can set up your own machines such as printers, multi-functionals, etc. within the office premises. Crea System provides all subscribers with its own ultra-fast Wi-Fi network, but it is still possible for subscribers to set up an Internet line themselves.

  • No, because the service we provide is competitive from day one, month after month. You will realise that for services offered, quality of space and property, you will hardly find better in Bologna.

  • Yes, together with client reception and the possibility of domiciliation at the furnished office.

  • Yes, the deposit amount is equal to two months of the chosen service.

  • Yes, the Crea System reception has a POS, and you can pay directly on site.

  • No, the Crea System service includes furniture and therefore it is not possible to place furniture belonging to the subscriber (such as desks, cupboards, shelves, etc.) within the premises.

  • Yes, you can change the layout and/or room furnishings by agreeing in advance with Crea System.

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