Security & Prevention

Security is a must in the workplace

work without risks

Your safety is our priority: all CreaSystem premises are built in full compliance with the regulations on safety at work (Legislative Decree 81/08).

The proposed “layouts” are designed and carefully created in collaboration with a design studio, which constantly checks that they meet the requirements of the law, in terms of construction characteristics, materials, measurements, distances, proper lighting and ventilation.

The furnishings are certified and reflect all the characteristics required by the aforementioned Legislative Decree 81/08 in terms of height, depth and type of non-reflective surface.

Of course, all of the seats are in compliance with the standards, equipped with double synchronized movement or adjustable seat and backrest movement.

All materials are “Made in Italy”: drawers, desks, executive and guest chairs, bookshelves

All the rooms have suitable natural lighting and LED lighting systems with indirect diffusion.

We use the advice of technical consultants that follows all practices related to renovations and / or building interventions.

In case of need of assistance, we provide a competent and prompt service for any type of breakage/damage of furniture or other components.


In accordance with the law, the rooms, corridors, emergency exits, and stairwells are prepared with the correct evacuation plan.

The premises are equipped with fire doors (maintained as required by Ministerial Decree 3/11/2004: provisions relating to the installation and maintenance of devices for opening doors installed along escape routes, with regard to safety in the event of fire).


Video surveillance systems and fully automated intrusion alarm systems have been installed in all shared areas (entrances, stairwells, meeting rooms) in order to guarantee the best possible protection.

Latest Innovations

Biometric readers

Access management

Biometric readers

Biometric readers for access management, a modern recognition system for assigning different features to each employee such as – time slots, areas, offices, meeting rooms, etc.

Video surveillance

To protect

Video surveillance

Video surveillance system: CreaSystem Uffici arredati & Coworking has installed a video surveillance system to protect all office members. In fact, all of our furnished offices, entrances, the stairwell, meeting rooms, etc., are monitored.

Alarm system

For the protection of your goods

Anti intrusion

Intrusion alarm system: There is an intrusion alarm system in both CreaSystem offices, which protects the center’s members and the structure in general.