Green Energy

Protecting the environment is our duty for life!

The office in the historic center is equipped with a methane cogeneration plant, which produces electrical energy that is used to operate the hot/cold pumps.

Through the cooling circuit of the cogenerators, hot water is produced: partly intended as domestic hot water, partly intended as a supplement for the heating system.

The property is therefore highly energy efficient for current consumption, and is classified as “CCHP” (Combined Cooling Heat and Power).

he CreaSystem office is GREEN, self-producing the energy necessary to meet the needs that the services offered require.

“Green Cloud Consortium manages a certification standard and regulates the release of qualifying marks for zero CO2 emission data centers.“

It is little known news, but it’s official. The main concern of the European Community in terms of CO2 emissions is represented by the DataCenter, i.e. those establishments that contain servers in large quantities with functional Internet access (websites, e-mails, apps, phones, etc.). This is because, including all the emitters (from intensive farming to civil and industrial heating, from aviation to road transport, from refineries to steel mills, etc.), currently as much as 6%, or the relative majority share, belongs to the DataCenter; …. and the latter are growing rapidly.