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years of experience to make room for your business!!

Thanks to many years of experience in the real estate sector Crea Spa created with competence and preparation CreaSystem, Uffici arredati e Coworking.

“Our intention was to create a space where the entrepreneur could feel at home. A space where you can enjoy the refinement of the rooms, where the high standards of technology and security allow you to devote yourself exclusively to the only thing that matters: your business

All CreaSystem staff is trained and updated to ensure attention, availability, confidentiality and security.
By putting our experience at your disposal, we are confident that your workspace will provide you with the ideal environment for your business.

Why choose CreaSystem?

Our services are distinguished by efficiency, flexibility, transparency and practicality.


We guarantee an immediate response to your needs.

We work with a competent and motivated staff to keep you content and satisfied.

We make constant changes and improvements, providing you with functional and valuable rooms that feature modern and refined designs.

We are constantly evolving by utlilizing every legitimate innovation, all without ever disturbing you..

We take the utmost care in choosing the type of materials used and in ensuring safety, efficiency, and reduced ecological impact without sacrificing the aesthetics of the design.

Flexibility and transparency

We don’t hide any surprises in our prices!

Transparency is a value for us and our customer’s trust is an additional goal.

The price lists are public and there are no hidden clauses or surprises on the price. 

In addition, current contracts can be modified following your business development. Relax, let’s grow together!

We use scalability and variation in full respect of the commitments made by both parties.

You may need to vary the size of your space to best accommodate your business: flexibility is our added value!


We’ll take care of it!

For CreaSystem these conditions are a precise commitment; you will manage your space thinking only of what really matters, your business!

We have two offices in strategic and prestigious locations

  • The first one, in the historic center, is easily accessible by foot, bicycle, public transportation and is a short distance from the central station
  • The second one, in a new building just outside the historic center, comes with free parking for cars and motorcycles and is in close proximity to a metropolitan train stop.

The creasystem services

Relying on CreaSystem means working in a refined, efficient and functional space designed and managed down to the last detail; a space equipped with cutting-edge, eco-friendly technological solutions. The right space for your business.

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of space
Furnished Offices
Meeting Rooms
Break area

Only at CreaSystem

We’re not content providing just any space.

Our goal is to provide you with a workplace appropriate to your business, with spaces characterized by prestigious furniture, high-tech standards and recognized professional support, all while being environmentally concious.

The added value of the biometric reader

We have equipped the CreaSystem offices with biometric readers..

In compliance with current privacy and data processing regulations, we provide you with exclusive access to the premises with your “biometric code”, created by the system verified at each entrance.

This is how we increase speed, safety and quality.

Leonardo Sant’Unione (Head of Coworking and furnished offices) says: “CreaSystem is a modern solution that can meet the needs of a wide range of professionals, from SMEs to multinationals.

Today working and sharing ideas within an environment like CreaSystem means having the benefit of being in an inspiring, modern, efficient and productive place. “




Both sites are barrier-free, so they are available to accommodate people with motor disabilities.


Up-to-date solutions


Voip technology, wi-fi coverage throughout the CreaSystem center and a data network with a state-of-the-art protection system (with guaranteed assistance in the event of a error);

2 Aree break

100 square meters available to our members

New Aree break

Both CreaSystem offices offer a break area with assorted vending machines for a quick coffee/snack or lunch.


Nelle nostre sedi puoi trovare:

  • Voip technology for voice transmission;
  • Wi-fi coverage throughout the CreaSystem center;
  • Data network (with guaranteed assistance in the event of a error) with a state-of-the-art protection system;
  • Electrical layout constantly updated for new connections and users;
  • Electrical system in accordance with the regulations (declaration of conformity, compliance of the system with the project);
  • All the systems of the building (such as elevators, heating, cooling, air treatment and extraction, sanitary water system) are certified and maintained periodically by specialized technicians.

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