Frequently asked question

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to withdraw from contracts? With what notice?2019-11-19T16:12:22+01:00

Yes, it is possible to withdraw from the CreaSystem subscription service contract with 30 days notice from the contractual expiry date.

Can I book and pay directly on the CreaSystem website?2019-11-19T16:10:04+01:00

Yes, in the PRODUCTS section. To the following link

Where are the CreaSystem offices in Bologna?2019-11-19T15:56:41+01:00

CreaSystem has two offices in Bologna: Galleria Ugo Bassi 1 (MAPPA) and Piazzale Luciano Anceschi 5/a (MAPPA)

Is it possible to furnish CreaSystem office spaces with proprietary furniture?2019-11-19T15:52:50+01:00

No, the CreaSystem service includes furniture and therefore it’s not possible to add member’s own furniture inside the premises (e.g. desks, wardrobes, shelves, etc.).

Is it possible to modify the layout or furniture of the CreaSystem rooms?2019-11-19T15:47:06+01:00

Yes, you can modify the layout and/or furniture of the rooms by agreeing in advance with CreaSystem.

Can I pay for day services, DayOffice packages or office fees through POS?2019-11-19T15:44:33+01:00

Yes, the CreaSystem reception is equipped with a POS and it is possible to pay directly on site.

Is there a security deposit for CreaSystem subscription service contracts?2019-11-19T15:42:41+01:00

Yes, the amount of the deposit is equal to 2 months of the chosen service